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  • Online "FLEX" Courses have now become the permanent method that Level 7 Learning utilizes for our courses.  WE take a typically 7-8 week professional development course, and give you between 10-11 weeks, depending on the time of year, to finish your coursework.  Everyone now has two opens for weekly discussions, to make asynchronous work possible.  We appreciate everyone's feedback, but want to allay confusion:  YOU MAY BEGIN FOR COURSES THE DAY THE COURSE OPENS UP TO 8 WEEKS BEFORE THE COURSE ENDS.  Therefore, when you register, you do NOT have to begin at that time.  One of the reasons we allow you the extra time is because of holidays, vacation time, illness, and other "life situations."  So, for example, for Fall Term II Courses, which open October 1, you may delay your course start up to October 24.  Another Example:  For Winter I, we start the course BEFORE winter break for those of you who would like to start BEFORE you get back to your classrooms in January.  HOWEVER, you are not required to BEGIN until mid-to-late January.  Please contact us if you have need for further clarification.  We are excited to provide flexibility, because you asked us to - because we are all teachers as well, but for newer users and for people who are used to typical courses, this "FLEX" capability can be confusing.  We are happy you are in our program and will do whatever it takes to help you be successful in order to teach gifted children in the State of Florida!  

  • Electronic Payment Interface below!!!!

    PLEASE send registration form to bryan@level7learning.org to register AND pay using the payment interface below.  If you need to note special instructions, do so in the "memo" of the registration form you email.  Also, please note you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay; simply choose "I don't have a PayPal account." Thank you!

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  • This is the first of the five gifted endorsement courses taken to add the Florida gifted endorsement to a professional teaching certificate.

    Self enrolment
  • This is the first of the five gifted endorsement courses taken to add the Florida gifted endorsement to a professional teaching certificate.

    Self enrolment
  • This course is one of the required courses for gifted endorsement in the state of Florida.  The information provided in this course is intended to enable teachers of the gifted to develop and deliver curriculum within their teaching to gifted students.

    Self enrolment
  • This is one of the five gifted endorsement courses which Florida teachers utilize to complete their gifted endorsement on their teaching certificate.  The course explores topics in the philosophy, development and the intentional teaching of creativity with gifted and talented learners.

    Self enrolment
  • This is one of the 5 courses offered for preparation for the gifted endorsement on a teacher's certificate in the state of Florida.  This course focuses on supporting the emotional needs of gifted students.

    Self enrolment
  • This is the 5th in a series of 5 courses to fulfill the 60 hours of professional development in the state of Florida to obtain a gifted endorsement.  This course is a seminar course covering the wide array of various special populations of gifted learners, focusing on Plan B students and multi-exceptional learners, most of all.

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